• Vacuum Pump Package to fit Wessington manufactured tanks


    Wessington can offer a complete vacuum pump sales package for your vacuum pumping requirements.

    This kit comes complete with optional vacuum pump adaptors to fit all types of Wessington manufacture…

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    Turbo Pump Package

    Details to follow


    Kit to include :-

    Pump system

    Transfer Hose

    Vacuum Gauge

    Pump Out Adaptor(s)

    Seals Kit

  • Hastings Vacuum Gauge

    HPM 4/5/6

    Vacuum Measurement


    DV‐4 (0.1 – 20 Torr)

    DV‐5 (0.1 – 100 mTorr)

    DV‐6 (1 – 1000 mTorr)


     Easy‐to‐Read Graphical Display

     Torr, mbar, and Pascal Units

     Battery Status Indic…

  • KF Flanges / Clamps / Fittings

    Range of KF Flanges / Clamps etc

    Full range details to follow

    Ask for details

  • Vacuum Sealant Grease

    Designed for sealing and lubricating vacuum and pressure systems

    General description

    Seals and prevents freezing of stopcocks and ground-glass joints in high-vacuum systems at pressures less than 10-6…